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Oct. 3rd, 2006 | 10:06 pm

then she began to claw at the earth beneath her, pulling up sod and and dirt by the handfull. she dug a hole large enough for her to fit inside. she crawled in and, curling and writhing, suckled the plug in her chest. then the silversmith came around to build up her plug. he found her thrashing like an epileptic. he pulled her sweaty, dirty body from the hole and onto the grass. she continued to twitch. he noticed the hole in her chest and, fearing for her safety, tried to fill it with molten tungsten. her eyes opened and she cried, "stand back you scavenger! i am not here for your pleasure nor your protection. don't go near me!" startled, the silversmith stepped back and fell over his pail of tungsten pellets. his fire rod fell in front of him. the ragamuffin picked it up and threw it in the river. steam came off the surface of the churning water. "you ingrate! why did you toss my cane into the river?" "because you are powerless without it. you can't fill my hole now. there is nothing to melt your precious metal!" "ah, but you underestimate the strength of my will. there are other ways to protect your heart from danger. come here..." "no!" she crawled backwards, got to her feet, and ran up the river bank towards the nearby village. he chased her and caught her just before the bridge. he pulled her to the ground and took a pellet from his pail. "now i'll show you how tenacious i can be. none of my friends go with out a refill, and it looks like you are running on empty!" he pushed the pellet into her hole. he pulled out another and pushed it in. "that'll teach you not to go around empty. you are going to get hurt! you make us all look like fools. if no one has a plug then we'll all be doomed! i can't stand people without plugs. they are so fancy free. they don't know the dangers that lurk. they don't know how vulnerable they are. someone is going to give them a plug some day." "no, they won't! because they don't live in your world. they don't live in pain, they don't live in fear. they don't care whether someone might hurt them. they go through life like i do. as a free spirit." "what are you talking about. free. no one is free. we have to give up our freedom so we can survive. freedom is dangerous." "only you can think freedom is wrong. go on your merry way, and take these godforsaken plugs with you." she pulled the pellets from her chest and threw them in his face. the silversmith walked off.

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(no subject)

from: cookieclaygirl
date: Oct. 4th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)

message for ragamuffin: you go girl!


he just wouldn't take no for an answer, would he?

even if there are things in life that hurt, i think it's best to feel it....good and bad. it's all good, in a sense.

hope your evening went quickly for you---lalalala! :)


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