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Sep. 28th, 2006 | 02:36 pm

seal your heart and protect it from passersby." again she cooed, "but how can a make a house by the river if have a metal heart?" the silversmith didn't understand. "of course you can build a house. you are protected. you won't have any trouble. nothing will stand in your way if you have a tungsten plug." "but a living thing cannot function around a foreign substance. it will either die or reject the substance." "of course you can function. we are all imperfect. sometimes we need other people to fix us so we can make our way in this tumultuous world. my folks fixed me when i was 8." he unbuttoned his shirt and pointed to the metal plug in his chest. "see? pa pricked me and filled me when i was about your age. it really hurt, but it has made me tougher person. no one can get to my heart now. i thank him every day for protecting me from strangers." "what would happen if you lost your plug?" "don't say such things! nothing can remove this plug. it's 99% pure tungsten. that means it is highly resistant to melting. if someone tried to remove it it would tear my heart wide open and i would surely bleed to death. i like to give it a fresh coat of tungsten once a year because it tends to corrode. the movement of the heart eats away at the metal. it would probably disappear if i didn't give it regular maintenance." "that's funny. i don't know anyone who has a metal plug. it's kind of cool. i look so tough. like i could handle a bullet to the chest!" "exactly. you are tough. someone could shoot you and you wouldn't feel a thing. it's a great thing to have. it comes in very handy, especially if you live in my neighborhood. everyone i know has taken at least one bullet to the chest." "that's horrible. why don't you just move?" "it's really not that bad. i'm used to it. i was a little frightened when i first saw you. you had no plug. i knew right away that i had to give you a plug. you looked so vulnerable just lying there in the grass." "but it hurt! why did you have to hurt me?" "we all must deal with the pain god has given us." "but god didn't give me pain. you did!" "it was for your own good. i couldn't bear to see a child lying there like an untamed animal. i had to reign you in." "why reign me in? there was nothing wrong with me. i had just given birth to myself. and then you decided to hurt me?" "listen, i don't know what to say. you are an adult now. there's no question in my mind that you can fend for yourself now that you have you plug. you are not the only one with a plug. everyone in my neighborhood has a plug. they all come to me for regular maintenance. i do it for a small fee. i can make a special trip to your house by the river when i am done with my normal rounds. how does that sound?" "no thank you. just leave me alone. i don't want this plug. it still hurts. when does the pain go away?" "it never goes away. but you never have to worry being hurt because you are already in pain. isn't it a great invention?" "but don't you miss out on pleasure if you are always in pain?" "true, but you'll get used to it. you're not alone. we're all in pain." "do you know anyone who doesn't have a plug?" "i've met some but they were of a different race. i couldn't understand what they were saying. they made it sound as if the plug was unnecessary, but i wasn't about to listen to all that jibberish. to each his own, right?" "i going to build my house by the river." "go ahead. more power to you. let me know when it's done. i'll come around and fill you up!"

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from: cookieclaygirl
date: Sep. 29th, 2006 02:19 am (UTC)

"no one can get to my heart now"

how sad...i hope this isn't true for me...maybe she should let her beating heart wear the metal away instead of getting it replugged....that way she doesn't have a wall built around her heart.

can't wait to see where it goes....do you think that you'd want a metal plug? i think that it's better to feel even if it hurts. life isn't always about the good, is it? i guess it's how we deal w/the bad.

sleep well,

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from: moonyj
date: Sep. 29th, 2006 03:43 am (UTC)

with a plug you you are always in pain. your body adapts, and you forget about the pain. you start to feel the pain again when the heart wears down the plug. but you also start to feel pleasure...

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